The Opel Corsa
and Marty Cooper

meets the new Opel Corsa.

To launch the new Opel Corsa in Europe, it was developed the campaign website
The site includes some animated videos where Opel teamed up with the artist Marty Cooper to demonstrate the new premium class innovations of the new Opel Corsa.

The artist uses transparent cells, a black pen, Tipp-Ex as well as a regular iPhone and brings animated characters into the real world. His characters interact with the new Opel Corsa to show some of the innovative features.


The campaign for the new Opel Corsa comes under the claim: The New Corsa! The new OH!
That shows exactly what surprise sounds like, spotlighting the universally understood “OH!
The new Opel Corsa surprises as a small car featuring innovations from upper-class vehicle segments.

In addition to the traditional communication channels, it was developed the campaign
website The site describes the features of the new Corsa and brings them to life.
The web specials range from interactive animations to personalized video messages, making an
entertaining and relevant content, available via the main channels used by a young target audience.


Client: Opel
My Role: Concept
Creation: Dirk Ollmann, Christian Aussem,
Beatriz Carosini, Kathrina Vogel, Julijus Rebic,
Moritz Hettwer, Thilo Gierschner
Artist: Marty Cooper
Agency: Scholz & Friends
Place: Germany
Year: 2015